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This is where the fish lives.

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Madame Mervin, Hammer of Sues
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  • das_mervin@livejournal.com

I am me.

As me, I am a person—a fully-functioning organism with certain quirks and the occasional malfunction. My processes allow me to perform certain tasks, most of which revolve around being angry.

Because I am angry. I am angry a lot.

I do recaps and sporks. You can find those here: das_sporking. I recommend the Twilight recaps I am currently working through as a starter.

I like to write. You can find that here: mervin_fics, FanFic.Net Profile. I recommend “The Wedding Crashers” and strngbedfellows.

I do occasional graphics. Those are here: mervin_graphics.

My “Friends Only” banners cycle quite a bit. They usually reflect my current mania.

Speaking of, my friend policy is thus: comment on the first visible post telling you to comment to be added. Ask nicely, say where you came from and why, and you’ll probably be friended back.

Things you will see if you friend my personal LJ: ranting and screaming about fandom and fanbrats, not all of it coherent, my cats, and me bitching about things in general.

Things you will not see: politics and religion. I don’t do that, except once in a blue moon, and most of the time it’s just for some serious upheaval or something that would be stupid to ignore. Don’t bring that shit to my journal.

For anyone who asks:

Mrs. Hyde is a real, tangible organism, equally functioning and capable. She is not my alter-ego; I did not invent her for attention. We don’t share this journal as much as she hijacks it occasionally for her own nefarious purposes.

"I love the smell of lighter fluid in the morning. It smells like...barbeque."

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