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I think one of my coworkers is hitting on me. Huh. That's weird. No idea why he would feel inclined to do so; I work with a plethora of very attractive ladies. Maybe I'm imagining things--prolly. Either way, he is nice to look at, so I won't object if it's the truth.

Anyway, long last, I am updating. Felt I should, considering the last thing my LJ has been sitting on was THAT bit of unpleasantness. I didn't get in to see my psych early, but I did talk it over with her when I saw her; she made me feel a lot better about what happened, because she pointed out that I didn't go into a tailspin and recovered myself and worked through it. The fact that I did put a smile on my face and soldier through it instead of immediately running from work or trying to get out of things was a good sign, she said. I think I agree. I'm hoping that after my visit next week, I can dial back to once every two months.

I went on vacation! After a year and a half, I FINALLY went back to Oklahoma! YES! I saw my BABY. Oh, my little snuggles--how I missed him. PJ missed me, too. He sat on me so much--and there was a ton of whining. We took them all to the vet, too, as Hyde and I pointed out that Marten was obviously in a lot of pain--her arthritis has gradually been getting worse, but I think it's been so gradual that mom and dad didn't notice--after a year and a half, though, Hyde and I DID notice, and once she got a steroid shot, she was moving so much better. Buzz has lost three pounds! She's so flabby now--looks like she's wearing sails. She's got a long way to go, but she is doing better. Good girl!

Man, being home reminded me how much I miss it. I enjoy Nashville, don't get me wrong (save for the roads and the fact that nobody in this damn city knows how to ACCELERATE THROUGH THE TURN), but I am an Okie at heart and always will be. I want my big flat expanses and stubby trees and grid roads. No matter where I go in my life, I know I'm eventually gonna circle right back and settle permanently in Oklahoma. It's just a fact. I love it too much to leave it forever.

On the bright side, Mom, my aunt, and Peep are gonna come visit us in June. That's gonna be nice--Peep loves coming out here and sitting on our porch. Another upside, we always treat him to a steak dinner, which is ALWAYS something to look forward to. Mmm...

I'm gradually getting back into my sporky self. I'm sure everyone who reads this and is a member of the comm knows that there was a nasty bit of business a couple of months ago, and that soured me something fierce. But I think I'll be working on my 15 Reasons tomorrow; people have been messaging me about it, wondering when the BD recap is gonna start up again and finish. Well, hopefully soon.

Other than that, I'm mellow. Enjoyed my vacation, feeling a lot better about things, and am now counting down the days until June.
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