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Hey, look at that! I'm back. Firstly, I'm sorry if I worried anyone with the Christmas post. I'm better, fine, and everything worked out very well. In fact, I'm more hopeful and happy than I have been in a long time. We are all good.

HOWEVER. The title of this post obviously indicates that I am NOT fucking happy. The reason I am not fucking happy is because I'M BEING FUCKING PLAGIARIZED.


Oh, it's not exact. She's not copy-pasting it or anything. But that is CLEARLY my recap. She hits the same points I do, she often paraphrases my EXACT COMMENTARY, just trimming it down and rewording it, but she does in my exact style. Bolded small quotes, italics for larger paragraphs. And the large paragraph she quotes are pretty much the exact same large paragraphs I quote. Her counts are similar--she has one tallying bad subtle foreshadowing, has one that is basically the Airhead and Rose Potter counts, she's just comparing it to a different badfic, she's counting the time jumps as a separate count, something I give Airhead points for and often harp on about, and even rips my count off completely by counting the Crooked Smile of Doom. She also has a side project going on in the recap called "Twihard Stupidity", matching my own "Twihard Idiocy". She is even ripping off Mrs. Hyde, because she doesn't call him Edward--she calls him Wardo.


You have NO idea how pissed off I am right now. I have spent FIVE FUCKING YEARS working on that. I have poured so much energy and thought and EVERYTHING into those recaps, I am proud of them, and she is stealing them and getting all kinds of reviews and favorites for it. Has been since October of last year.

Believe me, Miss Follow Those Owls, you are NOT going to get away with this. You are NOT going to continue with your "original" review. THOSE. ARE. MINE.

ETA: *Aro-like cackle* Oh, she KNOWS, guys. She knows. An anonymous review showed up citing her for plagiarism and it vanished within five minutes. She bahleeted that baby IMMEDIATELY. But you can't delete signed reviews! *glee* Yeah, that's right, mine's gonna SIT THERE, as are any other signed reviews that bring up plagiarism. *rubs hands together* I gotcha now, bitch.
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