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Supernatural S9 Worries

There are spoilers under here--I'm not doing anything to hide them from myself, so if you don't want to see any hints as to what's gonna happen later on, don't go in here.


Apparently, in episode three, Cas is finally gonna punch the V-card. Yes, he's going to have sex.

Now, normally, I would be pretty hopeful about it--remember at the end of S8, where I was going, "Ooooh! This might be End-Verse! IT WOULD BE SO AWESOME IF THEY WERE GOING TOWARDS END-VERSE." And that would be like one more hint of it, because what four things defined Future!Cas? Humanity, sex, drugs, and despair. HE'S GOT TWO OF THEM DOWN. Sex? THIRD. And like hell he's going to skip out on the drugs. He always leans towards those when he's unhappy.


My predictions always end up wrong, so I sincerely doubt they are going the End-Verse route (THOUGH HOW INCREDIBLY AWESOME WOULD THAT BE). And here's my list of problems now I have with this that I HOPE will wind up being unfounded.

1) the third episode? THE THIRD FUCKING EPISODE? Uh...really?
2) The way it's being phrased. Someone who helps him through his troubles, unexpected surprise, pretty young thing he meets--oh, God, it sounds like they are setting up a romance subplot. BY THE THIRD. FUCKING. EPISODE. AREN'T THERE MORE IMPORTANT THINGS THAT SHOULD BE DONE?! The other thing going on in that episode is that, um, ALL OF CASTIEL'S BROTHERS ARE OUT FOR HIS BLOOD. Well, he's going to put that on hold to fall in with a nice girl because who doesn't need love in a time like this?
3) This ep was written by the Buckner/Ross-Leming duo. I generally think they can write good episodes--they did "Taxi Driver", after all, which KILLED my heart, and also "Little Slice of Kevin", which I thought ruled. But we do know one thing they can't write--and that's romance and sex. Which....this episode is about. With Cas.

*rubs forehead* I don't want to sound like that fan. And here--I'll easily offer up comforts and a possible, just to prove that I am trying to think positively.

1) The summary writers have never been very good. In fact, they are generally downright terrible, and never give you a very good feel for what's going to happen.
2) Angels are easily overwhelmed by sensations, so him being swept up by lust would be fine. She comes onto him strong--we've seen what happens. He is very easily caught up in a moment, as we know.
3) We also know that when he's despairing, he turns to things to make him forget--and there you go. He may not know that his brothers want to kill him. (Except I'm 99% positive he does. *sigh*)
4) It...still could be leading into the twisted Future-Verse.

I really...I just don't want a romance subplot this season. I DON'T. The reason I don't is because they did that last season and it was TERRIBLE. It was the only black mark on the season, as far as I'm concerned, and no, I'm not talking about a miss episode here and there--I mean I wish that subplot was GONE. It SUCKED. Amelia sucked because she was horrible and abrasive and Sam had more chemistry with her fucking DAD AND DEAD ARMY HUSBAND. And it just seems...RUSHED. "Hey, Cas is human now! Him being human means he now needs a girlfriend! QUICK, GET HIM ONE!"

I don't want it to go down that road. I really don't. I'm hoping it doesn't. I'm hoping that it's just bad summaries, vague news, and it will all be fine in the end.

But I repeat--THIS. IS NOT. ABOUT ME. BEING A DEAN/CASTIEL SHIPPER. If I don't yell when Dean has relationships and sex with other women, why the hell would I yell about it with Cas? I don't care who he has sex with--I just care about WHY. I don't want another S8 repeat--that's why I fell so behind on the episodes, because I could not STAND that romance subplot. I just wanted it to die a quick death, and it wouldn't. It just cast a long, lingering shadow over everything and destroyed my enthusiasm because GOD, we're having to endure another soft-focus flashback of Amelia being a snotty bitch and Sam being charmed by it. I don't want that again. Dammit.

Other than that, though, I like what I'm hearing. Which, again, makes me sound like THAT FAN. The one who only cares about who the main characters are sleeping with. *rubs forehead* Jesus. I hope this made sense.
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