Madame Mervin, Hammer of Sues (das_mervin) wrote,
Madame Mervin, Hammer of Sues

This...was not a good time to watch the finale.

Because yesterday I started my period so my feelings are completely out of control.

I wanted to post last night, but I couldn't because LJ was fucking up. Now that I'm here, I have no clue where to begin on this one. There's just so much.

May as well begin with the first.

Angels are falling to earth, and now The Boys have an exorcism that cures demons. Doesn't that rather open doors.

But those are not the only open doors.

Something the Metatron said is itching at me, and it'd better be either plot relevant or answered--otherwise, it's a plothole. He said to Cas that, when his soul gets to Heaven, to find him. His soul? Season Six, guys--"I'm an Angel, you ass. I don't have a soul to sell." Cas does not have a soul--no angel does. So this is one of two things.

A) Bad phrasing and now an error and they should've changed it. Disappointment.
B) Part of the last step to casting the angels out--somehow giving an angel a soul. Meaning Cas has one now.

Meaning he's more human than human now--he is, like, HUMAN. And will now feel very intensely.

Abaddon is still alive, which surprised me. Potential villain for season nine, particularly if Crowley is not fully recovered. He'll easily get Hell taken away from him if that's the case, and Abaddon will do God knows what to the earth--particularly now that there are no angels to battle demons. In fact, the angels are now officially easy pickings. That's very bad.

Kevin is still alive--that was my cue to be absolutely thrilled. I honestly expected him to die.

I also expected Crowley to die--but he didn't. Instead, he's...I don't know. As I said--we don't know if he recovered from that. They obviously can't complete it, so he's not purified, but he was obviously well on the way to it. So does that reverse? Did he wake up his old self? Was he lying? What was it?

And, of course, there's the biggie that everyone's talking about.

1) The angels all fell. So--the host of Heaven got destroyed.
2) Castiel has been cast down and is now human.
3) Abaddon, a Knight of Hell, Lucifer's hand-picked agent, is walking the earth and poised to take over Hell.
4) In episode 8.21, Sam said, "We're headed somewhere. The end."
5) Episode 5.04, the episode where Dean is taken into the year 2014 to see how the world will look if he continues to refuse Michael, establishes a ravaged earth where the host of Heaven is gone or destroyed and Castiel is human.
6) Next season will take place in the year 2014.

Dude. Is that where we are headed. Are they going to throw us into 2014!Verse anyway, just with things changed? Because if we are, that is going to be so fucking awesome my head may explode. And they are balancing right on that edge--it's all there. If they do it....


But, now that I've gotten my plot relevant stuffs out of the way--the ones I can talk about now, anyway, because this one--this one had so much going on, but it was a good one this time, not too stuffed....

That episode was mean. That was a mean finale. MEAN. MEAN. MEAN. Because Sam and Dean in the church....Sam's confession....Crowley quietly asking Sam where he's gonna start....Dean telling Sam what we all know--but to hear him say it...

I cried. Like...three times. Because it happened, then I calmed down, then I thought about it more and cried....and then I did that again.

That emotional trainwreck. It was awesome, and I loved it, and next season now has all of the potential to be as great and awesome as season eight was. And season eight WAS great. This was probably the best comeback I've ever seen from them--they have bounced back with a vengeance from seven. Stay on this ball, guys--because this one rules.

And's the summer Hellatus.

(Oh, and also pointed out to me by Gehayi--we did it again. "Writing on the Wall"-verse! Cas is now fallen and human. Dean, you now have no excuse not to have sex with him. *claps hands* Chop chop. :P)

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