Madame Mervin, Hammer of Sues (das_mervin) wrote,
Madame Mervin, Hammer of Sues

I have, like, the worst case of burbles ever.

Seriously, this shit hurts. Burbles are what I get instead of burping--I am literally incapable of burping. I can't do it. So it just sits there in my stomach, then starts bubbling up, reaches my clavicles, and makes a noise like a growl. It HURTS. I feel vaguely sick.

But other than that, SPN!


He finally punched his Evil Villain Speech(TM) Card, and my GOD, he couldn't have chosen a better moment or speech for it. SERIOUSLY, WHAT THE FUCK. I just sat there with my jaw slack the whole time he talked. The delivery, what was going on in the background, the speech ITSELF...holy HELL, they finally have me. It's time for Crowley to check out because I so want him dead. They finally did it--yes, I'll be sad to see him go, but I was still on the, "But...but he's so good, I haven't loved a villain this much since Lucifer! I don't want him to go!" fence. No longer. I'll miss him, but I want him put DOWN. Perfect timing--I hope, anyway. I hope they are prepping us for his exit--because the spn_party members are right, this should be his last huzzah. It'd be an awesome note to end on, and he'd be leaving without overstaying his welcome. It'd be the perfect run for him, and an awesome villain arch. Do not disappoint me, Show.

Metatron, what're you up to? There's one big conspiracy going on and it seems everybody is anxious to use Cas to do whatever they want. Seems now that Metatron has his ears up to move some chess pieces. Really, I'm not surprised. ANGELS, IT'S WHAT THEY DO. Doesn't matter what's going on they have to do something shitty and underhanded. Though I'm curious as to what he's up to. Given what he said about how he didn't want to deal with angels, makes me wonder if Metatron isn't trying to get Heaven closed just so he will guarantee that they never come looking for him. But seriously--knowing what I do know about season nine, I'm not surprised that they are setting up something with Castiel. People just love to use that little bastard, no matter what. He truly is an honorary Winchester, given the fact that he never catches anything but crap.

Speaking of--I'm actually not pissed at Dean for being bitchy at Cas here. Know why? Because all I have to do is go, "Gee, what happened the last time Castiel was secretive and cryptic and hid from The Boys? OH RIGHT HE WENT CRAZY GOD AND UNLEASHED LEVIATHANS." Dean has a reason to be pissed off at him AGAIN, though I've no doubt that Sam would've couples-counciled them, as he was already in the process of doing. But now Cas is up to no good, AGAIN (LEARN, GODDAMMIT, LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES YOU OBTUSE FEATHERHEAD) and makes me wonder how an ANGEL can undertake the trials. Or if he's going to wind up going through them at all.

But in all honesty, writers, stop doing that to Cas. His little Road to Hell is paved enough already, thank you. He made himself a yellow-brick road in season six. He doesn't need to be doing it again.

Though the theory that Metatron got snagged by Naomi and is telling Cas to do all of this on her orders now is intriguing, I confess.

Oh! Two things 'fore I sign off and bounce up and down until next week. Firstly, nephilim. I think it should've been "nephil", but since that one was never actually made clear like "cherub" and "cherubim" and "seraph" and "seraphim", I'll forgive them. But our little nephilim? I was happy with. I like that they didn't go too much into her, because there are a million ways you can screw up a nephilim. Making her a poor and innocent soul isn't necessarily a good idea, because there is no debate--nephilim are bad news. So, I liked that they made her ambiguous. She said "tried" to be good. That doesn't necessarily mean "is". And that Bitch Switch got flicked way too fast for my liking, and she seemed way too into what she was doing. So, pretty sure when she says "tried", she means "well, I tried, oh well."

*scratches chin* I wonder whose little monster that was, anyway. Canonically, the little herd of nephilim has been wiped out--Gabriel saw to that. So, what angel broke the rules and made that one? And will we be seeing others in the future? I do like that they did explicitly say it's forbidden. 'Cause you know--it totally is. Moving furniture around with a demon, however--call Castiel back on that one once he makes sure that demons can't get preggers by angels.

And sad and angry as I am to see Sarah dead, because I ADORED her, I understand exactly why they did it. Everyone over at spn_party is complaining that it should've been Amelia. Well, guys, guess what? The SPN writers have their fingers on our pulse--they know how we think. And they know that we....really don't like her that much. So, guys, think about it--would you honestly hate Crowley and have an emotional investment if Amelia, the one that the majority of fandom hated, got axed? Hell, just judging by the comments, most everyone on spn_party would be CHEERING. Because you said you would've rather it had been Amelia, that's precisely why it shouldn't have been her. Because you didn't CARE. Sarah? WE CARED. WE CARED A LOT. It was supposed to be an emotional sucker-punch, a real reason for us to hate Crowley and want him taken down, and needed to be someone Sam had saved--a reminder of a past that was a happier time, before even his experiences in Hell.

So, as much as I didn't want it to be her, I am actually fine that it was, because her death had the emotional weight needed for the audience as well as the Winchesters. That's kind of important.

And with that, I'm done rambling. Finale is going to be mad-crazy-insane, folks.


OH I ALMOST FORGOT. I meant to mention this--technical standpoint! I liked the episode, but I feel it suffered from "The Born-Again Identity"'s problem. Too much, too fast. It was just too quick and didn't get to linger on some of the other issues, and so felt like exactly what it is--setting up Season Nine for us. Some of the stuff should've been presented earlier.

And Cas in a grocery store is adorably ridiculous. HE FUCKING NEEDS PIE, DAMMIT. CAN'T YOU SEE HE'S TRYING TO APPEASE HIS BOYFRIEND.

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