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Grabbed it from guardians_song! And I just skimmed your answers, and since my memory is that of a sieve, I don’t remember the questions so I wasn’t cheating.

Choose ten characters from a fandom, then answer the questions.


1) Sam Winchester
2) Dean Winchester
3) Castiel
4) Bobby Singer
5) Lucifer
6) Gabriel
7) Naomi
8) Crowley
9) Garth
10) Meg

1. If 10 was of the opposite gender, who from the list would he or she date?

Aaand that would be Meg. Well, canonically? She’d always be going for her purdy unicorn Castiel, now, wouldn’t she? Demons and angels don’t much care about that “gender” and “sex” thing, after all.

2. If 7 and 3 went to see a movie together who would pay, and what snacks would each want?

Naomi and Castiel going to a movie together. Yeah, that won’t end badly at all.

They wouldn’t pay—they’d just go invisible and sneak in that way. Snacks…for some reason, I see Castiel going for nachos. And Naomi would take them from him and throw them away, immediately chastising him for being a disgrace because ANGELS DO NOT EAT OR PARTAKE IN SUCH HUMAN NONSENSE.

Then he’d eat the angel tablet in defiance.


3. If 8 was your parent what would he/she leave you as a family heirloom?

Crowley as my parent?! Leaving me an heirloom?!

Oh, good God. He’d leave me something evil and diabolical as an heirloom—something along the lines of those cursed toe shoes, I’ve no doubt. We met Crowley’s canonical son—they hated each other. Crowley has zero affection for his children.

4. Describe a pair of socks 1 wears on a regular basis.

White. No nonsense. Because Sam has no time for that. Dean, on the other hand…

5. If 2 and 4 got into an argument what would it be about? How would they settle it?

Dean and Bobby arguing? You mean aside from the numerous canon ones they’ve had? *scratches chin* How about them arguing over how Dean swore he wouldn’t tell Sam about the pedicure that changed his life, and then he totally did? I think they’d solve it by Bobby dragging him to the same place and making him sit down and have a pedicure as well.

6. If you could change any one thing about 6, what would it be?

Change one thing about Gabriel? I’d make him Not Dead.

7. If 5 and 9 got stuck in an elevator together with nothing but a deck of cards, bag of pretzels, and sandwich for 2+ hours, how would they pass the time, which one of them brought each item on the elevator, and what would 10 say/think while watching the surveillance video?

Lucifer and Garth in an elevator.


It doesn’t matter what they’ve got with them. One person in there ain’t making it out alive, and all Meg would do is swoon and sigh over the amazing raw talent her father has with his hands as he peels Garth apart.

8. Would 7 risk his/her life for 4?

Naomi risking her life for four? Well, she technically did—all as a ploy to manipulate Sam and Dean, of course. So…yes!

9. How would 6 act when drunk, what's their drink of choice, and would 10 make sure nothing happens to the intoxicated 6?

How would Gabriel act drunk, and would Meg make sure nothing happens to him. The answer to the second question is most emphatically “no”. Only angel she cares about is Castiel, and I get the impression she has (had) some kind of complex about him—corrupting the incorruptible, all that. As for Gabriel getting drunk, that is gonna be hard to do. Angels have high tolerance. But if he were getting drunk? I imagine him just slamming margaritas and mai tais and all kinds of fruity drinks for probably thirty-six hours straight before he’s buzzed. And once he’s drunk, he just starts fucking with everyone. Prankster City, man.

10. If you dropped by 3's home unexpectedly what would it look like?

Castiel! This.

Or this.

Or this.

Or even this!

Depends on when you dropped in, really.

11. What will 2 do after their goals are accomplished?

Oh, God. Asking what Dean will do once the goals are accomplished…

I can’t even answer that. That is way, way, WAY too deep. Just watch the damn show if you want answers to that one.

12. 1 loses their memory(how did it happen?), and 8 has to take care of him/her. 8 has always had a crush on 1, and 1 ends up falling for 8 while being cared for. 8 knows 1 is engaged to 5, and that the two are engaged to be married when 5 returns to the country. What happens when 5 returns?

Sam loses his memory, and…Crowley has to take care of him and has a crush on him? And Sam falls for him back? Even though he’s engaged to Lucifer? This is, like, the beginning to a seriously awesome crackfic. Okay, Sam loses his memory—more than likely, Crowley erased it because he wanted Sam to himself. But then Lucifer returns…well, I’d imagine Lucifer would murder Crowley and then remind Sam of how things were in a more than likely terrifying and rapetastic fashion. Because that’s what he does.

13. 7 sees a stranger getting mugged, does he/she continue walking or help in some way?

Naomi sees a stranger being mugged? Shit—she’s the one who probably set it up. Just one more cog in her machine.

14. 6 and 4 sing a duet, which song do they perform?

Gabriel and Bobby singing a duet. *thinks* “Don’t Stop Believin’”. All the way.

15. If 9 were an animal what would he/she be?

Garth as an animal?

Hands down. Sweet and kinda doofy looking, but adorable, insanely loyal, and very resourceful and competent. That’s him.

16. 3 knows 1 and 9 like each other, even if they won't admit it. 3 enlists the help of 8 to set them up. What are their plans, and do 1 and 9 fall for it? Are the plans successful in getting the two to realize their feeling?

Castiel knows that Sam and Garth like each other—explains why he’s the one who finds the hugs most awkward. So Castiel asks…Crowley to help. Goddammit, Cas, stop going to Crowley for help, that never turns out well! And it wouldn’t here—Crowley would sneakily construct some ridiculous and elaborate scheme that probably involves kissing all three of them and stealing some souls. Then he’d say he has to stick a fist or two up Castiel (CANON, OKAY?), and in the end reveals it was all just a ploy to kill Garth to make Sam miserable. And to get a fist up Castiel.

17. 2, in a rush to start his/her first day of work, accidentally spills their coffee on 5 while leaving the crowded shop. 2 quickly apologizes, offers to pay the dry cleaning bill, and leaves. 5 turns out to be 2's new boss. What is their first conversation in the office?

Dean spills coffee on Lucifer, who turns out to be his new boss. Well, there is only one punchline to the end of that one.

DEAN WAS IN HELL THE WHOLE TIME. There won’t be a first conversation, because Lucifer’s about to start sticking things in sensitive places for fun.

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