Madame Mervin, Hammer of Sues (das_mervin) wrote,
Madame Mervin, Hammer of Sues

My day got made.

I head to the bank to get some cash. I park, and as I'm walking, I see a little girl of maybe six or seven climbing up out of the sunroof to sit on top of a car parked up near the front of the building. I have to walk past her to get to the door. She turns around, sees me:

Little Girl: *huge grin* High five!

And she promptly holds out her hand for one.

Naturally, I gave her one immediately.

Went inside, got my cash, and when I come out, she's still there. Big grin again and she puts it up for another high five.

Me: Fist-pound this time!

I hear her mom laugh inside the car as we totes fist-pounded.

Tags: public post, things that are awesome

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