Madame Mervin, Hammer of Sues (das_mervin) wrote,
Madame Mervin, Hammer of Sues

How can you tell you've been watching too many Let's Plays?

When you have a dream like I just had last night.

So, I dreamed that Hyde and I were still in the moving part of her transfer to another job--however, we weren't moving to Nashville. Turns out she accepted a position in Latvia, of all places, and we were actually joking about it. It felt seriously real (to the point that when I woke up this morning, I had to actively remember that I was not in Latvia). But that was the only part that did, because that's when we got to our hotel. The hotel was ridiculously mazey, and it was hard to find your room. We were in room 94. There were SO many coke machines, and none of them had the same price for a bottle. I remember seeing one for $1.10 and one right next to it for $5.70, and yes, they were all in dollars because I don't know what currency Latvia uses and so my dream couldn't put in the right kind. There was also a long hallway with nothing but flat-screen TVs lining one side of it, all playing the same show.

I got to my room, but Hyde said she'd gotten an invite to party in another room so she was gonna go do that. I walked her down to the party in room 117 and found out just who she was partying with. Apparently, he is right--there ain't no party like a Pewdiepie party. Yeah. It was Pewdiepie. I don't even know, man, I haven't watched him in forever--I have been watching lots of Markiplier and Yamimash recently. Anyway, I left Hyde with Pewdiepie and his girlfriend and the Bro Army before going back to my room for a nap.

And then I woke up from my nap and I was in the game Amnesia, lantern and all.

So, I exit out of my room and the entire place is empty and dark and creepy, even though the layout has hardly changed at all--that usually doesn't happen in my dreams. The rooms love to change on me. But no, this was all the same, so I struck off looking for Hyde. I wound up going down that long hallway with the TVs, and they were all just playing the same thing again, only it was vaguely creepy--just this soft-focus woman, smiling happily at someone off-screen. That's it. I reached the end of the hallway and it was now bricked off, only there was a note on a table there. I picked it up and read it, and it said, "Hello! In the time you've spent reading this note, you let me sneak up on you." I whipped around and there was a suit of armor RIGHT THERE, right behind me. If you've seen or played Amnesia custom stories, you know exactly why that happened in my dream and just how freakish and unsettling it can be. That startled me so bad it actually woke me up.

Hoo boy. Think I'm gonna stop watching the Amnesia LPs for a bit.

Though I think somebody so needs to put that scare into an Amnesia custom story, because anybody who played it would hate you forever.

In other news, part two of chapter eight of Breaking Dawn is up. Go forth and enjoy--or not. Nobody's very impressed with Jacob right now, as well they shouldn't be.
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