Madame Mervin, Hammer of Sues (das_mervin) wrote,
Madame Mervin, Hammer of Sues

So, saw The Hobbit.

In 3D, no less! I have never seen a 3D movie and so did it for the hell of it--I am apparently very fortunate in the fact that I can watch shaky-cam and 3D with zero headaches or motion sickness or anything like that--it's just like watching a 2D for me, in the discomfort region. And it was entertaining in 3D. I liked it.

But as for the other aspects? I LOVED it. The length doesn't bother me in the slightest because Jackson left nothing out and I adore that--he's obviously trying to win my good favor back for all of the changes me made to LOTR, some of which did not please me. *nods knowingly* I also love that this movie is making up for all of the nonsense they had with Gimli in LOTR--Gimli was reduced to Comic Relief Backup because, well, we have to wank over the ELVES! This is much better--I hope they carry through with it into the next movie with Thranduil.

I seriously loved this movie. No, it's not the great, sweeping epic that LOTR was, which is fine by me--I am GLAD to have this lighthearted, adventurous, simply FUN installment with a happy ending that didn't leave me a broken, sobbing wreck at the end of it because Gandalf died or Boromir died or SAM CARRIED FRODO UP THE MOUNTAIN MY GOD. Nope--this was just FUN, and it looked and sounded beautiful while it did it.

The characterization was all spot-on, Martin Freeman simply IS Bilbo Baggins, all of the casting was awesome for looks...

Everything that was an addition actually blended very well with canon, and I'm actually fine with how Jackson is tying this in with LOTR right now. It is working so far--I hope it keeps it up.

I can sort-of see where a few scenes could've been shortened a little to shave off a little time, but hey--I like long movies, which I know puts me in a minority as far as movie-goers go (though I think there are quite a few of them on my flist).

I must get the soundtrack. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL.

Tags: here there be spoilers, movies and such, public post, spazflail tiems, squee!, things that are awesome
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