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Supernatural Thought Time

Got caught up--watched last week's and this week's. So, things shall run together.

First off, I adore Garth despite one of his episodes being the first SPN episode I genuinely didn't like, and I still love him. He has become EXACTLY what I said he should do, and that THRILLS me. I also love that he's the first guy to stand up and tell Dean to shove it up his ass. GO GARTH. Of all the unlikely people to tell Dean to stop being a dick, it was him. But guys, Garth is not stupid. He's a goober and he's terrible at field work, but he's not stupid. He's smart--now we find out he went to college. Successfully, too! He actually got his degree and went on to actually become a dentist. They hinted that we'd get to see why Garth got into hunting, so I can't wait for that. I love that the coin didn't affect him, either. I just seriously like Garth, and I like that they did exactly what I hoped they would--made him a Bobby. Because that right there is what he's good at. But finally, for once, Garth gets to save the day. *waves a Garth flag*

He's gonna die, isn't he? *sad sigh* I will cry when he does. Speaking of, I SO DIDN'T TEAR UP WHEN GARTH TOLD DEAN THAT BOBBY WASN'T JUST HIS. I HAVE ALLERGIES TODAY. SHUT UP.

I also like that Sam called Dean out on his bullshit, too. Yes, Dean, you had a right to be angry and resentful. Taking it like you have been is now exiting the realm of understandable.

And the other one, natch. Cas is back and he's in the suit, which is awesome. He's back to himself, for the most part, and totally unzipped his fly and pulled it out and slapped it on the table and said, "I DARE YOU," to Crowley. Who, by the way, is....damn, son. Crowley is a BAMF. A really, really, NASTY BAMF, and I love it. He is VICIOUS. I love getting to see the evil side of Crowley, because as fun as he is? He is a demon, and he is the King of Hell, and he is MEAN. I like this reminder of what he is.

Linda Tran makes an error and contacts the wrong witch. And promptly makes up for it by subduing a demon and putting it in her trunk. LINDA TRAN, YOU ARE TRULY AWESOME. I want her back story and I want it now.

Poor Kevin. Poor Samandriel! Is he still alive! I hope somebody saves him, he doesn't deserve that, man.

Oh, INTRIGUE....they brought him back strictly to use him and he doesn't even know it's going on. And why do they want to know about the Winchesters? What are the angels up to now? Will they ever learn to stop scheming? I guess it's in their nature.

So far, I am seriously enjoying this season. It is making up for the lost potential and meandering that S7 had and did. I understand S7 was the changing of hands, but that season does really does stand out amongst the rest of them as so not up to SPN standards, and that makes me sad. But this one is doing much better.

And now, let's talk about the one dark spot on my bright SPN horizon, and it....gah, I don't even know how to lead into this one.

I hate talking about this, because it makes me seem like every other ridiculous SPN fangirl that hates it when things with ovaries come prancing onto the stage. Because I actually DO want the Winchester brothers to find someone to love and be with! They obviously want that kind of closeness and want a significant other--Dean falls in love super-easy and Sam falling in love at all is always nice because he was so hung up on Jessica for so long--so for me to open up this conversation with "I cannot fucking stand Amelia" really doesn't make me look good. Because that's what a whole lot of SPN fanbrats scream about any potential love interest for the boys. But....dammit. Let's see if I can't explain this.

I can't stand her because, plain and simple, she is a bitch. ...well, that sounds sexist too. But she is! Not a single word out of her mouth has been pleasant! She started to seem sympathetic and understandable when she started talking about her husband for the first time, but then immediately made me hate her again in the morning and did not regain my good favor. Yes, I know she's fucked up from the death of her husband and is angry and lashing out, but GOOD GOD. Just like with Dean, THERE IS A POINT WHERE I SAY, "YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY PERSON IN THE WORLD WHO HAS SUFFERED TRAGEDY LIKE THIS, LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE." At least with Dean, he has a little bit of an excuse because, well, his tragedies are indeed a leetle more unique than most. But with her? NO. Sam tries to open up to her and try and make her understand and what does she do? BE A BITCH. The problem I have with this is that I cannot understand why he had an interest in her, slept with her, wanted to comfort her, etc. WHY did he get involved with her? There was no build-up to it, and he just kept coming back to her and trying to be Sensitive Sam despite the fact that she was a miserable, annoying, snotty pill who can't seem to emote the fact that she's in pain and instead emotes the fact that she just likes to criticize every single thing everyone does. From the second I saw her, I disliked her. Sam's obviously in distress about hitting the dog, is freaking out, panicking, and guilt-stricken about it, and, well--we all saw what she did. Emotionally manipulated him and treated him like shit and made him take the dog, basically saying, "You're a bad person if you don't despite the fact that you brought him here and are obviously upset and guilty about it, so I'm gonna use that guilt to make you take it even though I don't know your situation at all." And the naming thing seriously pissed me off, though that's personal, I admit. After he takes in the dog, is now spending money on it he doesn't have, constantly bringing it in for aftercare and is now giving it a loving home, when he just calls him "Dog", she mocks him for it. Oh, I'm sorry, he is not taking care of it good enough to suit Your Most Royal Majesty? God knows what she'd do to me if she ever found out my first cats' names were Cat and Calico--given lovingly and affectionately. But again--I admit that's personal. But the first point still stands--I feel the need to quote Alex Reads Twilight. WHY DOES NOTHING PLEASE YOU??!!!

*sigh* It's not that I don't think she deserves Sam Winchester, because that's stupid. I'm saying she just....isn't a nice person, and I can't comprehend why Sam got together with her. The relationship just doesn't have a clear progression to me. She didn't change her attitude, she didn't stop being a horrible person who loves to pick at every little thing Sam does, and then all of the sudden he's being sensitive with her and they are in bed. It doesn't feel like progression--I don't even know how much time has been passing with his flashbacks. And dear GOD, when he finally just comes out and says it--"I know what you're going through because I lost my brother." He opens up, says it, tries to break the ice and show that he knows what she's feeling.....and she promptly is a bitch. AGAIN. And he's just sort of FINE with this? I know he's zen now, after the whole Hell thing, but-- *throws up her hands*

I just hate her. She's not coming across as tragic and fractured after the loss of her husband. I don't know if it's the actress or the writing or me just not liking her because of the first few times we've seen her that's making me lack sympathy for her (which I know the SPN writers can avoid, because they made Bela Talbot unlikable and horrible all through season three and then made EVERYONE feel horribly sorry for her), and I Just. Don't. Like her. I don't know what Sam sees in her.

But...if she made him happy, fine. I want Sam to be happy. I still reserve the right to think she's a bratty little turd who needs to be actively yelled at, not patted and cajoled. That, and there already was an Amelia--Jimmy's wife, who was in my favorite SPN episode of all time. *scowl* Don't taint "The Rapture".

By the way, just as a note? I notice people calling this season Season GR8. I disagree. It's just Season Gay. OH MY GOD. So much gay. Like, ALL of the gay. With pretty much everyone. 805...Benny's old coven and the way he and his maker interacted? SWEET JESUS. And all of the gay with Castiel's return. I normally don't agree with much this Dean/Castiel shipper says (because she's out of her tiny mind), but this and this? Yes. I agree. Completely.
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