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New icon. And a GIF.

Juuuuuuuuuuuuust keep watching 'em.

For all the Superwhovians on my flist. I know you're out there.

I don't know what to do about LJ anymore. I don't give two shits about what goes on with my flist look--I've never cared. I don't customize it or anything like that, don't have trouble reading the new one--but the problem is, everyone ELSE does. So....yeah. Not sure what to do there. I don't want to move, but if there's no one here to talk to, what's the point in staying?

I am now all caught up on SPN! Watched the three episodes I missed today. Here are my general thoughts on them, just quick and dirty:

  • It was nice that the wife of the Mayan sportsman was not a psycho, and that she did what was right in the end, willfully and without protest.

  • I really enjoyed the story in 804. That was a great monster-of-the-week that even pushed in some character development and something plot relevant at the end.

  • We are so going to get a Cas-Benny hen session about the bad boyfriend by the end of this. They are building up to it. The ex and the current, both gossiping and swapping stories and talking about how he's just SO awful and he never calls and he's always drunk and yells.

  • Now we get to see Sam finding out about Dean's new boyfriend. Man, you need to talk to him about shacking up with the non-humans. Yeah, you got Ruby, Sam, which was BAD, but what is this, three now for him? A vampire, an angel, and an Amazon. What next, Dean? You hook up with a demon next and I think someone will indeed need to spank you.

  • Still unsure about Benny. Trying to figure him out. I like him, but I'm not sure I like him as a protag or an antag yet. *scratches head*

  • Man, Leviathans are badass down there.

In other news, I am homeless and living out of a motel. But hey, at least we signed the lease and the apartment is technically ours now. Speaking of, finally got two pictures that I hope explain exactly why I wanted this apartment like woah the second I saw it.
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