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SUPERNATURAL: 8.01 - We Need to Talk About Kevin

And thus, we begin again. Spoilers, as usual.

So, feral Dean with obvious PTSD who is angry at everything in general, obviously has some guilt, got himself a new boyfriend that goes against every single one of his old principles, a missing angel that Dean absolutely will not talk about and is obviously LYING about, who seems to have developed Stockholm Syndrome with a PLACE, and who spent a year covered in blood.

I think I want to lick him all over now.

Crowley being set up as the big bad? YES. I have been wanting this. And it helps tie the other seasons together even more, showing him getting progressively more and more nasty. Now he's just bein' mean. Sweeeeeeeeet.

Oh, GOD. Show, why did you do this? I have nothing against Dean/Benny because, so far, it's got a distinct Sam/Ruby flavor to it and I love that flavor because it's so deliciously naughty and it's HIGH TIME Dean did something stupid and stopped being the Righteous Man (if that is indeed what it is), but do you have ANY IDEA what it's gonna do to the crazy Dean/Castiel shippers? The buzz about Benny was already like a swarm of angry bees. Already bad enough that they were pissy about Dean not immediately forgiving Cas for doing all of the shit he did in S6 and S7 because GOD FORBID Dean adhere to all characterization and not take brotherly betrayal and someone hurting his brother well. Now they're gonna have a shitfit. I can hear it all now.

Personally, though, I'm laughing. Oh, the wars. THE WARS. They will be louder and more ferocious than the Dean/Cas vs. Sam/Dean wars. HI-GODDAMN-LARIOUS.

*shakes head* Lord. The things that entertain me...that's what I get for being knee-deep into the Harry Potter fandom for the formative years of my internet usage.

Kevin! Yes, we DO need to talk about Kevin. I LOVE this. He did not sit around and wail helplessly or need The Boys to rescue him. AWESOME kid. Still want to take him home and give him soup, don't get me wrong, but I love the little badass. And I expect more. He's a Prophet of the Lord--and a SERIOUS one to boot.

Dean and his burger. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

BABY'S BACK AND HOTTER THAN EVER. YES. *throws self on Baby*


Seriously, Sam, I just--I DON'T EVEN, MAN. I DON'T EVEN. This is not a bad thing, mind. I love Dean becoming furious at Sam for doing the same thing that he himself did at the end of S5, just as they swore, because Dean did come back changed and angry and hateful and I LOVE IT. I love it all. I love seeing Sam as the level-headed one who keeps everything calm because now he has to bear the weight of everything because Dean got twisted.

Basically, what I'm saying is I love how this is going and I hope they keep it up.

Though I do have a question: What happened to the Leviathans? Did they all die? Did they flounder around uselessly for a few months before going home? Did Kevin take them all out because he's awesome that way? Obviously their master plan didn't come to light, so what happened? I'm going to need closure eventually, SPN. I didn't like them overall because as a whole they were TOO good at hiding and thus were too cow-from-the-sky with their treatment and I despised their leader because he was the most paper-thin caricature ever and a pathetic excuse for a character, but I gotta know what happened to 'em. So....tell. Soon.

As always, no talk of promos. I haven't even watched it yet.
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