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sprntrl20in20: Free-for-All

Okay, so. This month’s entry for sprntrl20in20. It was a free-for-all, meaning all I had to do is follow the prompts, I could choose any image, character, episode, whatever I wanted. As such, I decided to set very strict rules for myself to broaden my horizon, as it were, and push my limits in PS. So, the rules I set?

1) All had to be from 6.20 “The Man Who Would Be King”.
2) All had to be black and white (except Orange, for obvious reasons).
3) Unless I just used a brush that had the text already in it, I would only use one font for a text icon.

I don’t do B&W nearly enough, and those can make some seriously striking icons. I often forget I could desaturate and make something really pretty. As for the font thing, I am just not that good yet at making text icons, so I’m trying to improve myself.

But, seeing as I realized just posting that would rather…well, monochromatic, there are some extra icons I’d fiddled with that I just haven’t gotten around to posting. You might recognize a few, though—I have been using some already. As always, feel free to snag and use at your discretion.

Warnings: Spoilers up through episode 6.20 “The Man Who Would Be King”. Some blood and gore. Some language.


Ditzy Annoyed Bold Group Memories
Hair Orange Sorrow On the Road Close Crop

5 CATEGORY - Quotes
#01 #02 #03 #04 #05

AC #01 AC #02 AC #03 AC #04 AC #05

And now, the extras. These are all from 6.18 “Frontierland”.

Tags: graphics, iconination, public post, supernatural
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