Madame Mervin, Hammer of Sues (das_mervin) wrote,
Madame Mervin, Hammer of Sues


Snagged from chocolatepot's LJ.

Three Things Meme. Three interests, three icons. Poke me, and I'll reply with three of your interests and three of your icons and you get to do the same thing, either here, your own journal, or both.

Fairy Stus: Ever seen a story that features Harry being wooed by the new GUY in school? Chances are that new guy is a Fairy Stu, the homosexual equivalent of a Gary Stu. They're just as annoying as Mary Sues, just with a penis. A lot of slashfics have the two main slashy boys having Fairy Stu tendencies--like Draco is a Veela.

Draco Malfoy: He's a brat, a pill, a jerk, and for some reason (read: tom felton), people love to Stu him up. I'm pretty sure he gets hit with the Sue stick the most out of all the HP canon characters.

Crossovers: I HATE THEM. Rarely do you ever see one properly done, because a lot of people just use them to a) get Legolas to shag someone in the Potterverse, or b) want the super powers from all universes and crossover just for that reason, like Halcyon did, the rotten bastard. /rant

: It's a quote from MST3K, said by Crow. Man walks into a store, and walks out again when an old man's back is turned. And Crow drops that line.

: Sweeney Todd! Nice picture of him right there, drinking his coffee, and he killed who knows how many people with his razor. So--even serial killers need coffee.

: That would be Jack Sparrow's hat, puked back up out of the Kraken's mouth--at Jack's feet. So it, like the man himself, always turns up. Just like a bad penny. I am exceptionally proud of that icon, in that I think I did a very good job on it.
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