Madame Mervin, Hammer of Sues (das_mervin) wrote,
Madame Mervin, Hammer of Sues

A welcome post.

So, I've had kind of a jump in friends lately, and I figured a "hello" post is in order.

So...hello! This is my personal LJ. I am a girl. I am twenty-five years old. I talk about inane things over here, most of which are not deep or important. I never talk politics--EVER. You will see pictures of my cats--I have three, PJ, Buzz, and Marten--over here, and sometimes will be inundated by Mr. Darcy from the 1995 BBC production of Pride and Prejudice because I wanna do him. I tend to find something I've never seen before and become quite obsessive over it, going through it as fast as I can and bringing it up a lot. I am currently going through all of the videos from the Nostalgia Critic, Linkara, and Spoony.

I am a born and bred Okie, but not from Muskogee. I do have a Southern accent, but I have tamped it down and only slip occasionally now.

I have one sister, who is three years older than me, and lives close to 800 miles to the northeast of me. She is called Mrs. Hyde here, and if you ever want to contact her, you have to go through me because she is afraid of the internet and has no LJ, visible email, IM availability, or anything else. She is the one who wrote the Twilight revamp fics located in the sticky-post. When I am posting on her behalf, I use one of four icons:

When you see those, you know it's not me talking, it's her. And she is a real person--kermit_thefrog has actually seen her and met her and received jewelry from her.

I am studying to be a medical coder/insurance billing specialist at the moment. I am already trained in the field of medical transcription. While not technically related fields, I went for both to not only have a wider range of jobs available to me, but also because that might look good on a resume, having experience/training in both. I will be looking for my first job this October.

I have polycystic ovarian syndrome. I occasionally talk about that when it decides to fuck with my body. This results in some sometimes TMI posts, because the main thing it does is give me heinous periods. Something else that might be considered TMI is when I very rarely talk about my ex-boyfriend. The only thing I will say about him is that he needs to be castrated.

I do not use tags over here for just regular LJ posts, because I have a horrible memory. When I do use a tag, it is only to keep things in a series together, like the Bree Tanner recaps or Mrs. Hyde's fics.

On the subject of the recaps, the ones that are currently over here actually just first-run recaps. The better, scrubbed and polished ones will all eventually be located over at das_sporking. However, if you have comments or observations for the recaps over here that are not posted, feel free to tell me anything I missed or things you think I got wrong. I want them to be as thorough and correct as possible, and any input you can give me on them is greatly appreciated.

I occasionally will post fics I write over here. I don't write very much now, but am currently trying to work on a semi-epic project that kind of matches Mrs. Hyde with the "Hours". As for my other writing projects, I highly recommend the fic I wrote with Hyde called "Strange Bedfellows", located here at strngbedfellows. It is a crossover between Harry Potter and Once Upon a Time in Mexico and features Severus Snape and Agent Sands in a crack-pair.

Well, that's all I can think of at the moment. So, hello all of you new people, glad to have you here, very happy to see you, and I hope you enjoy your stay. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
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