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Picspam: Monumental By Association

Warnings: None. It’s a little picture-heavy, but not nearly as bad as my last ones have been.

Everybody knows about word association—you say a certain word, and you automatically think of something you associate with it. In that same vein, sometimes you see a building or street or landmark or whatever and immediately think of a movie that featured it. However, some landmarks are associated a lot more closely with a movie than others, simply because the movies themselves have become so iconic. So here are five of some of the most famous—and I apologize in advance for the obvious USA slant, but these are the five most famous ones I could think of, and they all just happened to be in my home country. Don’t worry—I’m not excluding anyone.

Fun Fact: It’s a little personal, but awesome, I think. My grandfather has been there before it was finished. He went on a field trip to Mount Rushmore when it was being built—and walked right out and stood on Roosevelt’s nose.

And he’s not the only one. Hitchcock had Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint dangle off of the monument in his classic film North By Northwest. That is the reason many people can’t look at it without getting sweaty palms.

Fun Fact: This was eaten up by a 6’5” chicken heart, you know. It also cost $40,948,900 to build.

When that giant ape climbed up the top of that building, only to be shot off shortly later, history was made. This has been parodied and replicated I don’t know how many times—practically everyone knows the reference to that big monkey being slain by beauty. Oh, and that 102-story fall. That helped.

Fun Fact: Lady Liberty has a 35-foot waistline. Makes you feel better about your own, doesn’t it?

“YOU MANIACS!!! YOU BLEW IT UP!!!” Yep. He was on earth the whole time—and that blackened, buried Statue of Liberty became the symbol for all Twilight-Zone-ish twists everywhere. Oh, and if you think that should have been labeled a spoiler, while I’m at it, did you know that Darth Vader was Luke’s father? Don’t even get me started on Rosebud.

Fun Fact: Do you remember it? If you do, then you know this kind of like the USA’s version of 300 on a much smaller scale—only with less pecs and abs. The Texans warded the Mexicans off for two waves, but the third proved too much.

You totally were wondering if it had a basement, weren’t you? Well, Pee-Wee Herman sure thought there was when a phony psychic told him his beloved bike was hidden there. I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants to go tour the Alamo and ask if I can see the basement. If anything, it’s much better that the Alamo be remembered for its non-existent basement than Ozzy Osbourne peeing on it. (He totally did, by the by.)

Fun Fact: William Rogers and Willard Ripley, two local ranchers, decided that for whatever reason they were gonna climb Devils Tower back in 1893. So they did—they drove wooden pegs into cracks in the side and made a ladder and climbed all the way to the top, being the first known climbers of the volcanic neck. There are still some of those pegs left.

You knew exactly what I was talking about before I said the title. The sight of the Mother Ship rising up behind Devils Tower is probably one of the most iconic images in film history. People hear those five notes and immediately think of beautiful Devils Tower rising up over the horizon. Many people go to visit it strictly because it was in that movie, wanting to climb on the same spots the actors did back in 1977.
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