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Thanks, Ket!

I have a Dreamwidth account now. But it's empty at the moment, because I'm not sure what I want to put on it, so you don't need to really friend it or look at it at the moment. It's the same name as this one, das_mervin. Huzzah! Thank you, ket_makura!

'Kay, this post is unlocked for a reason, so let's get to business.

When the Twilight recaps get their move on to das_sporking, they are going to be expanded. By a lot. I'm adding so much to it--this is a highly ambitious project. I am throwing myself into this piece of entertainment like I did with Rose Potter. I'm having fun, too. I'm getting my spork on, instead of my recap this time around, and I hope it's gonna be funny. Unfortunately, it's taking forever, because something is up with the .pdf's I LEGALLY ACQUIRED, so nobody can say anything about it, and I can't get them converted into Word documents no matter what I do. That indicates I'm gonna have to type them out myself, word by word. That's irritating. But oh well--the longest one is only eleven .pdf pages, I think. That's not too bad.

So, yes. That is why Eclipse is taking so long. I'm collecting stuff and plotting. That recap will resume and finish soon, though. Then we have a looooong break as I do my thang. But here's the deal, folks. I need to know something from you guys. As you know, I am definitely revamping my Twilight recap and the first eight chapters of New Moon to suit my long-winded and entirely too thorough recap style I am currently using to make it more presentable for das_sporking. I have no idea how long that's gonna take. I'd intended to hold off BD until everything was over on das_sporking, all pretty and shiny and formatted and it's just gonna be lovely. Except that is going to be a very, very long time, and I know that, after chapter eight of New Moon, you guys will cease having any more new material for a while. A very LONG while, to be specific. And you people are my main source of readers.

So. Read your options on the poll (yay, poll!), and select what you think would be best. If none of these suit you, tell me what you want in the comments. I appreciate lots of feedback on this, as this is my LJ job, as it were. :D Thanks!

Poll #1437351 Twilight Recaps and their vague posting schedule
This poll is closed.

When/Where should I start up Breaking Dawn?

ASAP! I can wait read the other stuff later.
I'd like it after you finish revamping TW and NM, but post it here while they move over to das_sporking--more stuff to read!
Maybe give us some preview chapters while the move is happening?
I'd much prefer to read everything in order by updates--start posting it over on das_sporking and I'll start reading it when it is time.
Don't really care what you do.
Ticky ticky ticky.

Which is your favorite recap thus far? Tell me why in the comments.

New Moon
Midnight Sun (by Hyde)
More ticky!

What would you like to see more of in Breaking Dawn?

Little spite!fics--those are great ways to illustrate your point!
Pictures--from Paul to the nuke, keep 'em coming.
Other recappers--two's company, three's a fantastic party, and four's just a regular orgy of funny.
Other--I'll tell you all about my ideas in the comments.
You know you want to click this box.

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