June 10th, 2011

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Mrs. Hyde Fic: Writing on the Wall

Hello, dears. I come bearing Hyde!Fic. Specifically, Hyde!Gift!Fic. To me, because I am Special.

Okay, so, you guys know I ship Dean/Cas, and Season Six made me ship them ridiculously. However, the problem with it is that I ship them in a…very weird way. To the point that there is almost zero fic out there that I’ve seen and that I like. It’s all too sappy, too sexual, too explicit, too feathery, too anything. I’m that picky about them. The only fic I’ve ever really read that was the perfect Dean/Cas for me was Hyde’s fic “Vide Cor Meum”, and that wasn’t even technically a Dean/Cas fic!

However, Hyde and I started talking, lamenting that the main reason so much of that fic does nothing for us is because it feels so OOC. The main problem with the fic is that is just isn’t inclusive—so many of them suffer from a case of “the only way to revel in our epic love is to exclude all others” (that, and both Dean and Cas are schmoopy, drippy messes and it’s absolutely revolting). There are usually two ways the D/C shippers do this.

A) They pair Sam off with some other guy.
B) They make Sam an evil, hateful homophobe for conflict and excuse to write him out because he’s EVIL, and nobody wants to be around him.

Combine that with a long discussion that went on over at das_sporking about how we are not the only ones who would love to see a D/C fic where Sam is perfectly okay with it and loves and supports them both about it?

BAM. I come up to Hyde’s place and she presents me with GIFT!FIC! Even better? It’s ostensibly D/C but in reality is an epic spitefic that shows just how awesome my Sammy Winchester is. So, while it’s a gift!fic for me, I have to share it with you guys because everyone else wanted this, too.

This filled me with such squee, even though it ships D/C a little more explicitly than I usually take, and I hope it does the same for you. Seriously—I love this fic. I command you to read it! Take it away, Hyde.

Title: Writing on the Wall
Author: Mrs. Hyde
Beta: das_mervin
Fandom: Supernatural
Genre: Family/Comfort
Word Count: 3,815
Rating: PG-13. There’s D/C by necessity, but it’s purely in the background; this is a Sam&Dean fic.
Spoilers: Through the SPN Season 6 finale
Summary: Sam deals with his brother’s relationship with Castiel. Set vaguely post-Season 7.
Author’s Notes: This is another one of my own brand of patented Hyde-style reconstructionist spitefics. Inspired by all those crap stories wherein Dean and Cas get together and Sam suddenly turns into a raging, intolerant homophobe who renounces his brother in the name of pointless drama and so they have an excuse to cut Sam completely out of their lives so they can have soppy manlove in private. This is my defense of Sammy, in a take on what would really happen in such a scenario, as discussed here by all you guys in Mervin’s spork of “Because God Commanded It.
Disclaimer: “Supernatural” is the property of Kripke Enterprises and Warner Bros. Television, and no profit is being made from this work and no copyright infringement is intended.

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