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All right, folks—chapters seventeen and eighteen before we see chapter nineteen, which I will link to after guardians_song posts it. I hope you all enjoy. Now I’m off for that well-deserved break I need.

Chapter Seventeen: Serpent Tongue

Holly: *writes in the diary*

Diary: *writes back* Yo ho, it’s me! What’s up?

Holly: *uses her magical super duper powahs to probe the diary before writing back* Who are you?

Diary: Why, I’m Tom Riddle.

Holly: I totally know that name from somewhere. Anyway… *writes*

Diary: How’d you come across my diary?

Holly: I found it in my trunk, amongst my school things.

Diary: So you go to Hogwarts, huh.

Holly: Yes, I’m a Slytherin.

Diary: So was I.

Holly: Hmm, the mind in this diary feels like some kind of dying person, or like a wraith. I can’t figure it out! I’d better ask. *writes* How’d you become a diary?

Diary: I wanted to create a memory and place it in this diary, but something went wrong. I’m not sure what exactly, but somehow, more of me than a memory is in here.

Me: You know, if Voldemort makes too many accidental horcruxes, he’s going to wind up hurting himself.

Blaise: I don’t buy it.

Draco: What if he’s lying?

Holly: What would he gain by lying?

Draco: Uh, our trust, maybe?

Me: I’m glad somebody’s being sensible.

Blaise: Better ask him how old he is.

Holly: *writes* Err, how old are you?

Diary: Don’t know—what year is it?

Holly: 1992.

Diary: OMGWTFBBQ????!!!!! *doesn’t write back again*

Holly: *is overwhelmed by the emotions—mentally tells both boys by accident that she’s all right*

Draco: What the hell was that?

Blaise: Uh, er, uh, the diary! It must’ve been the diary! I’m not at all suspicious! Anyway, we’ll do research and find out about this guy before writing again.

Me: Remember those boring spans the author often jumps onto? Well, we hit another one. It’s about two or three pages long, and it’s nothing but summarizing what has been going on in Holly’s life. She whines about how Ron, Hermione, and Neville have betrayed her, and compares their lies to all the abuse she suffered at he hands of the Dursleys. Well, I’ve already explained why that simply does not work in this fic, so I don’t need to launch into that story again. Then we hear about how Slytherin House is rallying around her and attacking anyone who dares accuse Holly, which I’m sure does very, very little to help their image or the suspicion that she’s the Heir, all things considered. Professor McGonagall is a bitch, but Snape rides to Holly’s rescue, which is really negating all the times she talks about how he hates her.

The Ravenclaws are deemed worthy by the author, and therefore do not suspect her save for the two people she hates—invented Hairy Stu Cassius and Scary Sue Cho. The Hufflepuffs, naturally, avoid her, except “Theo’s pseudo-friend and very distant cousin Susan Bones,” whatever the hell that means. Out of the Gryffindors, Percy, Fred, George, and the Seeker Devon are also not suspecting her. Then she whines further about Ron, Hermione, and Neville, which disgusts me. We find out she’s been whining periodically to Remus about it all, and I seriously have to wonder what the whole point was about introducing him so early to the story.

Then Luna gets a book on Mind Magic, and Holly is busy with Millicent planning Pansy’s birthday party. Holly and her TRUE friends find out who Tom Riddle is, and it’s all extremely boring. I mean, seriously. This is so dull. *yawns* Anyway, what else happens in this session…Holly whines further about how Draco suspects her of something given that intentional mental contact she had with him, and she resolves to tell him about it at Christmas, and then we find out she’s continuing her culture lessons with him and dancing and we all know exactly what that’s leading up to—her wowing the crowds in Fourth Year during the Yule Ball. We aren’t stupid, Suethor, that’s the oldest trick in the book and probably one of the biggest Sue clichés Suethors pull when redoing the Harry Potter books they way they should be. And then it’s done. FINALLY.

Holly: As I wait for everybody to show up for the Defense study session, I toy with the diary—he still won’t write back. He’s having an extended pout, obviously.

Gavin: *enters* Well, it’s time for Draco’s lesson today! A good defense spell!

Draco: It’s called Serpensortia, summoning a snake unique to each caster. I’ll do it first, then I can teach everybody else. *casts it*

Snake: *looks around, sees Holly, and immediately starts going on about a “sspeaker”*

Draco: *vanishes the snake*

Everybody: *stares at Holly*

Holly: *angsts*

Everybody: *slowly figures out that Holly could understand the snake and talk back to it*

Holly: *tries to run away and be angsty*

Blaise: *as usual, holds onto her and pets her and won’t let her leave, before directing her into a chair and holding her by her knees*

Me: Creepy little wiener. And yes, folks, it really is this boring.

Draco: Would you mind explaining things, Holly?

Holly: *launches into an angsty story about how snakes were always attracted to her and how she used to play games with them and trails off just before mentioning the horrible and angsty beating she’d gotten from Petunia once she found out about what she was doing when she’d been six-years-old, and it’s very angsty and the audience doesn’t really care about it, and then she proceeds to angst about why she didn’t tell anybody about it, thinking everybody would be afraid of her*

Draco: *pupils are dilated*

Me: What, is it turning him on, or something?

All Friends: *instantly launch into their “We don’t mind” speeches*

Holly: *continues to angst, but refuses to cry, as that’s weakness, which is undoubtedly more angst on her part*

Everybody: We won’t say anything about it.

Moment: *is sappy*

Holly: *starts writing to Tom more and more often*

Tom: *tells his sob story*

Holly: I have a personal confidant! *tells him basically everything about herself, including whining as much as she can whine about the Dursleys*

Me: Oh, if only this was canon…

Anyway, it’s getting boring again, so to save you the trouble of having to read about it, basically Holly is telling Mr. Diary everything about her stuff, even stuff she hasn’t told precious Blaise. We get to hear about how the caretaker of Riddle’s orphanage hated him like the Dursleys hate Holly, and how every single kid was afraid of him. I notice he leaves out the part about why the kids were afraid of him. We get to hear about how Tom Riddle takes the place of Ron, Hermione, and Neville, which makes no sense—she was never that close to them. We get to hear about how Holly conjures a snake and practices Parseltongue. We hear about Holly constantly writing in the diary. Draco plans on staying at Hogwarts for Christmas, and Holly cheats and reads Hermione’s mind and finds out about the Polyjuice plan and rats them out to Draco. And then they hear about a Dueling club, Holly makes a hypocritical remark regarding Flitwick’s height, Luna makes a poor joke, and everybody says she’d make a great Slytherin.

Here’s the last author’s note.

AN: I am not too sure about the Tom parts, but this is just how it decided to write itself. It might eventually be changed though.

I know why you might be unsure about the Tom parts—they’re all wrong. Tom Riddle in the diary is a malignant piece of Voldemort’s soul. Not a little softie who angsts about his time in the orphanage and whines about how he was picked on when he was little. Tom Riddle hung bunny rabbits from the rafters and took little kids into caves and terrorized them.

Chapter Eighteen: Christmas Confessions

Me: This chapter opens up with an author’s note.

Author: This chapter is dedicated to Angry Girl. She is the hundredth reviewer for this story.

Me: I don’t know why, but these kinds of author’s notes bother me. Dedications that do little but pimp the author’s own review count do bug me so.

Holly: *writes in the diary* Oh, you should’ve seen it. Lockhart sucks.

Me: Why does the author feel it necessary to tell everything out of order?! Does she fancy herself Quentin Tarantino?!

I’m gonna leave this part in for full effect.

Well, did you at least enjoy it? Learn anything useful? Have a good time? He paused then, and Holly had the distinct impression that had he a body, he would have smiled tightly. Or perhaps you took the opportunity to “accidentally” hex Lockhart and the other fools a few times? Not that they don’t deserve it after the way they’ve treated you, Tom wrote back to her, the dark-blue ink appearing once more.

A grim grin appeared on her face. No, but my friends and fellow Slytherins did teach them a lesson. She hesitated for a moment. Though, I sincerely doubt that the Gryffindors will even realise it for what it was. They’ll simply put it off as either bad luck or the other Slytherins simply being contrary.

Tom seemed to be thinking about it. Interesting. From what you’ve told me, that Ron character is fairly dense and Hermione doesn’t have a subtle bone in her body. Neville seems to be the only one with redeeming qualities, but even he’s going along with the status quo. The ink came quicker then as he began to mock them. “Slytherins are all evil gits, not to be trusted. They’ll attack without provocation or reason…” and all the rest of that rot. He added the last bit with a fair share of ridicule and disdain. It’s all rubbish, and if they bothered to look, they would know it.

True, she acquiesced and nodded absentmindedly, not that Tom could see it.

My rant about why she has no right to be angry at them has already been said, but damn, I would love to say it again.

And we finally have Holly acknowledging the fact that she mocks and ridicules them as well—this whole time, she’s stayed silent, merely letting others say all the dirty words and do the nasty hexes while she keeps her hands clean. But here, she finally says it herself. I hope it’s not something we can look forward to in the future, because I don’t know which is worse—her keeping her hands clean while her cronies do the dirty work, or her actually joining in for the cruelty.

And just what do you mean by “teaching the Gryffindors a lesson”, anyway? *scowls horribly*

Tom: So what happened?

Holly: Time for a badly marked flashback, that’s what happened!

Me: These flashbacks are so pointless! It’s nothing that couldn’t be told in chronological order!

Slytherins: *arrives for the Dueling Club*

Holly: *angsts about how people won’t approach her, then angsts about how Ron, Hermione, and Neville will approach her*

Ron and Hermione: *suspect her*

Neville: *doesn’t, but is going with the herd*

Me: Don’t you speak that way about Neville Frickin’ Longbottom, missy. I won’t stand for it.

Slytherins: *are generally awesome*

Gryffindors: *suck*

Me: *seethes* As I always say, what does it say about the Slytherins if you have to spend all your free time putting them down while you change canon facts about the Slytherins to make them look better?

And this part makes no sense.

…Holly gave a small wave to Titania Shacklebolt and the rest of the Quidditch team. The dark-skinned fifth-year waved back, giving her a winning smile, though the look turned predatory when her eyes flickered to Neville.

What, is she stalking Neville or something? Or is she trying to intimidate him? As if, bitch.

Lockhart: *arrives*

Snape: *is with him and gives Holly a pleasant nod*

Lockhart: *canon speech*

Snape: *canonically blasts him of the stage*

Lockhart: Okay, enough demonstrating, everybody pair off.

Snape: *teams Neville with a fifth year Slytherin*

Me: That’s just mean, Snape. I know Neville is made of win and awesome, but that is not a fair pairing. I’m glad to see your canon self has emerged for a moment.

Snape: Mr. Malfoy, Miss Potter, I do believe that the two of you should partner. I sincerely doubt that any of the other fools are up to the task of taking on someone of your famous calibre, Miss Potter.

Me: Quickly followed by a moment of OOCness.

Holly and Draco: *are more graceful than the experienced duelists*

Lockhart: Disarm only! Go!

Holly: *lays down the whoopass down on Draco, as is the usual way Sues go*

All the Slytherins: *lay down the whoopass*

Me: Let’s just see what kind of whoopass it is.

Blaise was jovially handing Luna her wand, while Titania was fixing all the curses she had unleashed on Neville. Theo was slowly removing a batch of tentacles from Ron’s face and arms, having pocketed the redhead’s wand, while the boy groaned in agony on the floor. Oddly, the edge of the tall Serpent’s robe was scorched, almost like it had recently caught fire.

Nearby, Hermione and Milli were still moving. The bushy-haired Gryffindor was trapped in a headlock, whimpering in pain from a combination of that and the boils on her nose and lips. Seemingly satisfied, the heavy-set girl released her, casually leaving her on the stone floor and sauntering over to her friends. She gave Holly a very pleased grin as did Theo and Titania before the older witch moved off with the other Quidditch players. The smallest Slytherin raised an eyebrow at her friends’ subtle payback. Draco simply gave an elegant shrug, soon engaging her in a rehash of their duel, while Lockhart flitted about the various injured students in a tizzy.

Subtle. That is what the Suethor calls subtle. I see.

Why does she continually call Millicent fat? And I’ve about decided that, even though it definitely wasn’t the author’s intention, Millicent is evil. She’s nasty, she’s cruel, she’s creepy. As such, she’s the only one who’s maintained some canonical Slytherin behavior.

And this author is obsessed with tentacles. That kind of spazzes me out.

Lockhart: Okay, how about Weasley and Nott come up here and demonstrate blocking unfriendly spells?

Snape: *canon line about Ron causing catastrophe*

Me: How dare you accuse Ron of being incompetent?! Ron is not stupid! His wand is not broken, you should not have said that line!!! *leaps into the fic and bitch-slaps the author*

Snape: Potter and Hairy Stu Debello should duel.

Holly: *pokes around in Snape’s mind*

Me: *immediately flies into a rage and destroys downtown Tokyo* HERE, READ IT FOR YOURSELVES, I’M NOT SCRIPTING AT THE MOMENT.

Holly’s eyes flickered to Professor Snape as she passed him, for once receiving an impression from his mind. It was a strange thing as he normally had impeccable shielding, but she simply put it down to the excitement of the situation. He was practically giddy, if he was even capable of such an emotion, with putting one of his Serpents against someone she despised, one of her main antagonists with the Heir of Slytherin affair. The Potions master actually desired for her to best him. The teacher was giving her a chance to work off her frustrations against the Ravenclaw in a sanctioned manner, one where she could hex him and get away with it.

Nodding to herself, Holly made a silent vow to herself as she climbed onto the stage and faced the brunet third-year; she was going to send the figurative olive branch to her Head of House, trying to make peace with him. It was the least she could do with his defence of her as of late.

Lockhart: *does his thing* Go!

Debello: *sends a Reductor curse at her*

Holly: *uses Protego—spell backfires at an angle and goes straight for Fletchly*

Fletchly: Bitch!

Snape: *rants at Debello while flattering Holly the whole way*

Me: Poor Snape. Reduced to this. *pets him*

Holly: *leaves*

Flashback: *ends badly marked, as usual*

Tom: *gushes about how awesome Holly is*

Holly: *angsts*

Tom: Don’t worry, absolutely none of this is your fault. It’s all their fault.

Me: Because it’s never a Sue’s fault! They’re totally faultless and flawless! *rolls eyes*

Holly: *overhears the Hufflepuffs, but doesn’t say anything before finding Justin and Nick Petrified when she “steeps” around the corner*

Me: She steeped around the corner? She was steeping tea, perhaps, as she took the steps?

Holly: All right, let’s break this down into handleable tasks. Who can I go to to tell about this? Ah, Flitwick, of course.

Me: Then the author gets extremely boring again. Back to her summarizing nature. McGonagall takes her to Dumbledore’s office, she talks to the Sorting Hat, knows immediately that Fawkes is a Phoenix and about to die and be reborn again, Dumbledore uses Legilimency on Holly and she uses her super powers to make sure everything is shielded but Dumbledore is sure to sense her innocence, they talk about Phoenixes, and then she leaves. Afterwards, the author sums up the next few days as “a blur” where everybody still thinks she’s the Heir of Slytherin, then the author says something that is incredibly, terrible, and totally stupid.

In fact, Fred and George seemed to find it quite amusing and had taken to walking down the corridors in front of Holly, occasionally shouting, “Make way for the Heir of Slytherin, seriously evil witch coming through.” However, they stopped after Draco had threatened to rearrange their body parts, informing them that their behaviour was not helping.

Yeah. Fred and George Weasley would be afraid of a little punk Second Year who did nothing but insult their family all last year.

If this were canon, Draco Malfoy would’ve just made himself two serious enemies and would find himself with boils in unpleasant places before he could blink.

Time for a sporking. Holly tells Draco all about her totally awesome powahs.

Holly and Draco were sitting in one of the oft used Slytherin study rooms,


facing one another. Blaise and Luna were just outside the closed door, supposedly guarding it. However, Holly knew they were really there for moral support and damage control should Draco take what she was about to tell him badly.

Is that all these people are good for? Seriously. They do nothing but this sort of stuff for Holly at all times.

They had actually wanted to be inside with her, but Holly had argued that it was probably best to do this one-on-one, especially if things didn’t go well.

I agree—a threeway this early would’ve been a disaster.

She did not want them to have to choose between their friends.

Holly, don’t worry. You’re the Head Sue. They’d choose you over Draco any time.

Fighting the urge to fidget nervously,

She’s getting squishy—beware, folks!

she met Draco’s searching gaze, giving him a small smile.

“So,” she began, “you’re probably wondering why I brought you here and what is with all the secrecy.”

(Draco): Actually, no, I wasn’t.

Draco blinked. “The thought had crossed my mind.” He again looked at her, seeing her smile falter. Noticing her nervous state, he patted her hand.

Yes, Draco. Touch her. Touching her is the solution to everything—so you should touch her ALL THE FUCKING TIME!!! OH, WAIT—YOU ALREADY DO!!!!

“You can tell me, Holly. Whatever it is, you can tell me. You know that, don’t you?”

She exhaled slowly. “Yes, I know. It is somewhat difficult, though.”

(Holly): Given that I’m so incredibly stupid.

The girl paused, taking a deep breath.

It was now or never.

(Holly): I like pie. I know, a terrible, deep, dark secret that frightens you, Draco, but please, just hear me out.

“I’m a Mind Mage, a telepath more specifically,” she stated, surprised but rather pleased with how calm she sounded.

Nobody’s explained to me why a telepath should be feared. Nobody fears Legilimenses. Nobody fears Occlumenses. What is it about telepaths that I should be so afraid of them?

Grey eyes blinked, and Draco seemed to be deep in thought.

(Draco): Did I leave my lights on…?

“Oh. That’s… that’s rather interesting. I don’t have a problem with it,” he hurriedly assured her, squeezing her hand.

(Draco): Because I, as a Slytherin, am awesome. Not a prejudiced bone in my body.

“I’m a follower of the Old Ways, so no worries there.

Yes, the old ways. The better ways. The ways that should be taught at Hogwarts. And anybody who doesn’t agree deserves to be expelled from Hogwarts, or in the very least doesn’t deserve to know about magic. At least, that’s the impression I get from the fic.

Actually, I suspected that you might be, but I wasn’t sure if you knew. Some people don’t even realise it for what it is.” He paused, thinking it over.

It was very difficult for his pea-sized brain.

“This does seem to explain a great deal.” The boy whispered more to himself than to her, “It all makes sense now.”

Yes, it does—actually, no, it doesn’t.

Not really expecting that response, Holly questioned, “What makes sense?”

If you haven’t noticed Draco suspecting you’re some kind of super-powerful being, then we haven’t been reading the same fic.

His gaze snapped to her. “All the little hints were there the entire time.

(Draco): I’m just incredibly stupid that way.

The glances you share with Blaise, ones where you seem to speak to him without saying anything. The incident when we first spoke to Tom; the mind that brushed mine was yours,” he replied after a moment.

That’s sexual harassment, Draco, and you don’t have to take it.

“Yes, that was me,” she admitted. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to do it.

Accidental mind-rape—I see.

I was just trying to reassure you. It was completely instinctual. I promise not to go deeper than surface thoughts without your permission again,” Holly apologised quickly.


Draco rubbed his thumb over her fingers. “It’s fine, Hols. I know you; you wouldn’t snoop without permission unless it was unintentional or an emergency.”

So how do you explain your snooping in everybody else’s minds? How about that, Holly? What, do they not deserve the same courtesy as people you call your friends?

He gave her a charming smile. “Don’t worry about it. I know what to expect now. I didn’t before, which was why I reacted badly.”

You reacted badly mostly because you’re a wimp.

He held up his free hand to still her next apology. “I said it was fine. You don’t need to apologise again.”

In other words, shut up, Holly.

The girl heaved an audible sigh of relief. “Thank you.”

She didn’t even have to say what it was for. He already knew.

How about telling the audience? That’s what you usually do.

“No problem,” the blond responded, pausing as he thought of something.

It was his first thought in years, and he was going to savor it for a while.

“I take it that Blaise knows then?” At her affirmative nod, he carried on, “Luna, too. She’s a Mind Mage as well, isn’t she?” He clarified, “It would explain why you were so drawn to her.”

Actually, the author already explained why she was so drawn to Luna—it’s simply because she likes her character and decided to turn her into a Sue as well.

Holly shifted in her seat,

(Holly): Damned crabs.

having already been told by the Ravenclaw that it was fine to tell Draco about her also. “She is.”

Yes. She is a Sue.

The blond seemed to be considering her statement.

(Draco): What could I extort from this Sue for promising not to tell anybody…?

“No one else knows though… about either you or her. Well, her father probably knows, but not the staff or our other friends?” he questioned.

“We haven’t told anyone else.” Holly stated carefully,

Nobody has said anything during this entire conversation!

“Blaise has known since last year; he was the first one I ever told. I would have told you, but--”

(Holly): You were your canon self at the time, not this even more pathetic version of yourself that you are now.

“But we had our little disagreement and weren’t exactly on the best of terms,” he finished for her. “I don’t blame you for not telling me then, but I appreciate that you’re telling me now. Thank you for trusting me with this,” Draco whispered sincerely, interlacing their fingers.

*slaps their hands* Quit it. Seriously. That’s all Draco has done in this interlude. Touched her hands. That’s all he seems to do in this fic. He’s grabbing her hand, holding her hand, touching her hand, patting her hand, anything involving her hand.

“You’re welcome,” she added, flushing slightly.

He raised an eyebrow but didn’t comment on it.

Instead, he chose to ask, “Are you ever going to tell the others?”

(Holly): No, I like keeping it secret. It means I can rat around in their minds any time I want and they won’t even know it!

What—that’s what she does to everybody else!

She faltered slightly. “Eventually, but I wanted to tell you first. Milli and Theo will probably be next. Maybe Gavin with them. I’m still not sure about the others. They’re my friends, but I still don’t know.”

If you’re referring to Ron, Hermione, and Neville, how dare you call them your friends after the way you’ve been treating them! *beats Holly with a two-by-four*

“And Tom?” he queried faintly, silvery-grey eyes looking at her with interest.

His eyes are grey. Not silver. They’re grey.

“Tom,” she started, “I plan to tell Tom but not until we can be sure of him. You can never be too careful about such things,” Holly added thoughtfully.

That hasn’t been a consideration up until now, considering you’ve told him everything else about yourself so far!

Holly: *goes home with Blaise—gets assigned a House Elf* The Zabinis are obviously superior to the Weasleys because they have House-Elves and money. They aren’t scum like those filthy, poverty-stricken red-heads.

Me: It gets boring again. Just that same summarizing style that the author is so fond of.

Holly is more awesome than Harry and finishes her holiday homework within the first two days of vacation, the Zabinis are awesome and rich, they continue to talk to Tom Riddle in the diary, the Zabinis are awesome and rich, and did I mention that the Zabinis are awesome and rich?

Tom: *keeps encouraging Holly to tell Blaise about the Dursleys* It’ll give you a great opportunity to angst, you see.

Holly: You are so right—why have I been putting it off so? I’ll go tell him. *has blank eyes*

Me: Methinks this author doesn’t know what a blank expression is.

Holly: *spills it all in a very angsty way and it is very angsty*

Me: Extremely angsty. See?

However, no matter how strange and difficult it was, Holly told Blaise everything, the entire hurtful experience. She told him of the Dursleys’ neglect, her not-too-uncommon punishments, and how she was treated as a house-elf, and not in the good way that the Zabinis treated their house-elves. She told him almost everything, up to and including the previous summer.

And after what seemed like hours, and probably was, she finally fell silent.

I love how Harry never felt it necessary to do this to his friends. Oh, wait, that’s because he didn’t have it nearly this bad, because he’s canon and this little bitch isn’t. And even then, he didn’t feel the need to angst over his obvious neglect.

Blaise: Oh, I’m so sorry, blah blah blah. What do you intend to do about it?

Holly: Nothing, why?

Blaise: But they should be in prison!

Holly: But I have to stay with them because of the blood protections.

Blaise: There has to be a better way of protecting you—we’ll find it.

Holly: *whines about how nobody loves her and has a single emo tear and we have to hear about it*

Me: *gags*

Blaise: But I love you! See, somebody loves you. And my whole family loves you too. More than those wretched Weasleys, in any case. The Slytherins love you, and so does Tom Riddle.

Holly: *bawls*

Me: This is the sappiest thing I have ever read. Be glad I scripted it for you so you guys don’t have to read about it.

And the bit about Tom Riddle loving someone goes against everything that makes Voldemort who Voldemort is.

Blaise: You need to let yourself grieve for your parents and stop punishing yourself by going back to the Dursleys.

Tom: *ponders*

And the usual sporking of the author’s note—I always spork them for you guys, because they’re often pretty stupid.

AN: In case you guys/girls were wondering…

We weren’t.

yes, that does mean that Tom can hear conversations when the diary is open.

Because it’s so much more convenient to you to just have him hear the conversations.

This is another one of the chapters that I am unsure about, so it might eventually be rewritten.

I hate to see the chapters you’re sure about.


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