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Bit of a lurker here.

I adore your sporkings of the Twilight series, and I also love Hyde's rewrite of the series. Both of you are funny and very talented. I'd love to friend you so that I could see more of this wonderful stuff faster. :)
Sorry for the late reply--I'm always open to new people friending me! I don't know if I can guarantee more of the rewrite faster, as that's Hyde's work, but we always love new readers. :)


5 years ago

Deleted comment

*waves her own little Dean/Cas flag*

I love the ship so much that my cowriter and I wrote a massive D/C AU set after season six all about them getting together and falling in love. And we're in the middle of wrapping it up and editing it so we can post it. I hope you'll read it and enjoy it when we do. :) You might've already seen the prototype--"Writing on the Wall".

I'd LOVE to friend you. Enjoy your stay here--I hope I'm not too boring!

Deleted comment

I'm not entirely sure what you mean. Clarification, plz?

Deleted comment

I really hope you don't think this is weird... but will you friend me back? I love your sporks and fics, but mostly lurk because half the time I don't have anything intelligent to say that has not already been said. You introduced me to supernatural (thanks soooo much for that!) and have vastly improved my own writing. So umm... it would be awesome if you could please friend me back?
It's not weird. I get that request on occasion. :)

Thank you so much for the compliments and YAY SPN. We could always use new followers, and Hyde and I are apparently very effective at getting people hooked. Consider yourself friended back. :) Not very active at the moment--have guests and not a whole lot to say, but when I do talk? It's mostly SPN and my cats. And the occasional unwise post I make when I'm suffering an anxiety attack.


5 years ago

I would love to be added please!
Sure. :) Any particular reason, out of curiosity?
Um, yo?
Wow how is it 2013 already oh my g o d
Anyways, hello! I remember being in ninth and tenth grade in 2009-ish and reading through your wonderful sporks of Rose Potter and other such fics - they were wonderful and amusing and really quite insightful. I've admired your sporks for a long time now, only I never got around to saying it, so I guess I shall now! Thank you so much for your work! May we be friends? :)
Thank you! I'm very flattered! And sure, we can be friends. I'm always up for new friends. :D
*Holds out a big balloon with Be My Friend? on it*
*takes* :D
Been alternately giggling and raging over your sporks for some time now. I love how you manage to incorporate both humor and serious discussion of the underlying issues with the novels you spork. (And now I'm saving Wedding Crashers as a reward for when I finish this hell week) May we be friends? (:

Hey all


March 12 2013, 14:27:35 UTC 5 years ago

Hi, thought I should introduce.... me!
Hi, das_mervin! My name is Irene and I've recently abandoned my social life to read all the sporkings of the Twilight saga. I gotta say, they're awesome, and you make very good points all through the novels. You voiced many of the WTFs I had while reading the books myself.

On top of my head, I can second your rant on Italy and saints - I'm Italian, and when I read that part in "New Moon", I was like: "Saints who chase vampires away? Really? Isn't that like a little... pagan? Also, is Volterra's patron saint that saint, that very day? I guess SMeyer checked it... right?".

I also second your thoughts on these books not being set in the years 2000s at all, but rather at least a decade before. I was conscious that there was something weird in Bella not being able to use the computer nor to research the Internet properly, and not having a cell-phone.

And thirdly, I've just read the sporkings of the first chapters of "Breaking Dawn", and you said it! I was greatly taken aback when reading the book myself by the random mention of Bella's period. I was like: "Riiight... she ought to have it, after all, but then again, why has it never been brought up before?!".

But this is not merely a post to compliment you and your helpers in the hard but necessary work of sporking. I read some of your spite-fic, and... DUN DUN DUUUN... I'd like to translate them into Italian and post them on an all-Italian FF website! How do you feel about it? Would you like that?

The website is EFP, it's the biggest fanfiction website in Italian, and it is not fandom-specific, it collects fics of all books, TV shows, manga, anime, cartoons and movies that you can think of. I would basically create an account with your name, state very clearly in the Author's Notes that the real author is foregneir and that the account is used by her translator. Then I would publish there only your fics, and if somebody else wanted to translate a fic of yours I'd give them the account password to upload their translations (of course they would have to ask your permission first). Also, the account will contain the links to your stories in English.

I was thinking of translating these two fics: Requiem for Charlie Swan Lucky Number Thirteen

Can you answer me on Facebook? I don't have a livejournal account, do you have a Facebook one? I'll be checking here anyways.

Sorry for taking up your time!

Irene SunnySideOfTheStreet EFP my account on EFP
Hello there. :)

Sorry for the slight delay in replying to you--I think all of the links made LJ think you were a spammer and so screened your comment from me. But I found it, and am now answering here as no, I do not have a Facebook account. Hopefully you'll see this.

First off, thank you for all of the compliments! I really appreciate them, and am glad I'm entertaining you with my various writing projects, recaps and fics alike. Secondly, I would be honored and flattered if you wanted to translate some of my fics into Italian. So long as all proper credit is given, you can translate and post whatever you like! Thank you so much!

Hi! I've been reading your sporking of Twilight for a while now and am huge fan of your work. I think you and Mrs. Hyde are hilarious and just amazing. I finally decided to get a LJ account so I can keep up on your future posts after Breaking Dawn. Friend me, please?
Sorry to take FOREVER to get back to you--I had a lull in my LJ activity. Yes, I would love to friend you! Welcome!
Hello, Madame Mervin. I found my way here via das sporking while looking into why people tended to spit bees whenever Rose Potter was mentioned. I know now. Oh GOD do I know. I intend to read everything you have, now that I've read "The Wedding Crashers," which was amazing. Please friend me so that I may feast on more of your words.

Totally not creeping on you,
Sharon the Cat
Sorry to get back to you so late--and yes, I will friend you back. Welcome! :)
Please tell me the title is an MST reference.
It totally is, as is what I titled my Friends List--"Coily's Army of Darkness".


4 years ago

Read all of the Hours stories, all awesomely written, giving Edward in particular a personality that is not disturbing. He's tormented and self aware, and I went to read Blue Hour to see how you'd play him against Bella (and I gotta say. Stoned!Cullens? I don't think I've heard them being described as such, but well, they are always the weirdly pale, dark circles under their eyes, staring into nothingness and not eating at all kids with fancy cars AND OH MY GOD, CARLISLE AND ESME COULD BE DRUG DEALERS AND THE KIDS THEIR USERS/DISTRIBUTORS).

Babbling aside. You're a great writer, and since I'm not very observant or prone to long, and consistent rants (consistency is not a name I have ever carried), I do find it refreshing to find someone who totally is. In the best way possible.
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