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Like mirrorinmymind, I've been reading your sporkings a lot, and I follow das_sporking. Seeing those updates makes me so happy--except for Ariana's because I'm afraid the original text is so boring I can barely follow it :P. And I've tried making a few comments, but I'm not nearly as funny as others and terribly shy!

But I thought I might try to friend you if that's okay? I'd love to read more of your sporks, they're funny and insightful! (is that too fangirl-ly?) ;D
Hi there! :D

Yes, I remember your comments. Glad to have you at das_sporking, and glad to keep you entertained. :)

Friending is no problem at all. You are now friended back--first drafts of the TW recaps are over here, so if you want to skip ahead, you can do that all you want.

You make me blush. :) I hope my LJ isn't too boring for ya. You're gonna have to deal with me fangirling my new fandom--I have been sucked into the vortex of "Supernatural" and cannot get enough of Dean/Castiel and Sam Winchester. Whoo!
As far as I'm concerned there is no such thing as too much fangirling of Supernatural--I'm only as far as the fourth season, because I'm dependent on my brother's Netflix, and can't afford to by them :) But that doesn't mean I haven't already seen most of the spoilers--one of the best things about Supernatural is how it's better than all the spoilers. I almost didn't watch it after I heard about the fourth season before even seeing one episode, and then I did, and then awesome!

So after that derailment, I think you can see I'll have no trouble following Supernatural anything :D
Ah, good, another SPN fan. :D

I am in the Sam group, btw. I was almost shot into the Castiel group, but he transcended mere fangirling in episode 5x18, so I am just unworthy and cannot appropriately lust. So Sam it is. :D

However, if I had a Twitter, rest assured--I would so be a Misha Minion. That man is not human.


6 years ago

Awww...How come your 'Short Second Life of Bree Tanner' Sporking is blocked!? :( I was hopeing to read it.
They are just flocked--they are first-run sporkings, not the ones that will go up on das_sporking. However, I think I am now going to unflock them--I've gotten enough requests for those, and I guess you are just the one that pushes me over. :) You can now read at your leisure.
I recall reading and laughing at your MSTs of Harry Potter fictions on the site "Hammerofthesues". Lately, it seems that the site is nowhere to be found.

I tell you, it was heck finding any of your work, and the previous links I had used (from a friend, who knows a friends, who knows a fiend,, who knows a coule of gals) are expires/lost.

Of course, it appears your wonderful sporks are still here on LJ, but I kinda miss the colours that differed you from Hyde.
Hello. :)

Yes, I have made the move to LJ from my original website. Pretty much all of the sporkings are at das_sporking now, mostly because LJ is easier to manage in the HTML department, as well as easier in getting feedback.

As for the colors...well, I kind of miss them, too, but that is a lot of extra work, and people were actually split about half and half as to whether or not they liked it, and considering the half that didn't said it was hard to read, I decided to just do away with them.

But! Main point is, it's now das_sporking, and there is a lot of new stuff available. I'm terribly sorry for any inconvenience, and hope you found this informative. :)
Hey, Mervin. I'd love to read your New Moon movie review, but it keeps saying Access Denied. Is there a reason for that?
Yeah, I'm afraid that, for a variety of reasons, that review is Friends Only/locked. Sorry about that.
Hello, Mervin!

Like most people here, I've been a lurker reading your amazing Twilight sporks. I was originally gonna ask if I could friend you, but as I was reading the comments I realized that you didn't really mind random people friending you so I didn't wanna ask you the same question. I just wanted to drop a note. :)

Also, It may seem like a weird request but...well, Since I've read your sporks I've gotten very conscious about what I read and write. Seeing as you and Hyde are very good writers, I just wanted to ask: what resources do you use to aid your writing? Even though I write as a hobby, I like doing a good job.

Thanks in advance!

Hi! Even though you didn't ask it, friend away. :) I will friend you back if you want to see the few locked posts I've got linked up there, as well as all of my personal posts--my current mania is "Supernatural", so you have been warned there. :D

And that's not a weird request at all--in fact, I find it very, very flattering. Hyde and I don't so much use resources as much as we just do a LOT of resourcing. If you're doing fanfic, know the source material backwards and forwards and have it on hand so you can check and make sure you aren't contradicting it. As for real stuff, we never make anything up. We never make up locations or diseases or objects or even dates--we have calendars dating back to the years we right in so we can make sure that the day we set the story was, in fact, a Wednesday. But that could be nitpicky, but that's just how we are. Basically, Google is your friend.

We also tend to use timelines AND outlines, so we don't pull a Meyer and have a character fall in love with another after nine days of minimal interaction.

Finally, the thing we've found that is best when it comes to editing and making sure your writing sounds good is to just read it aloud, as if you were reading it for a play. It's a good way to make sure your dialogue sounds natural, catch repetition and errors, and make sure your flow goes well. It makes sure that the phrasing is right, as well as to make sure that what your characters are saying sounds natural. This is particularly handy when your characters are having a conversation--it makes sure each line leads into the next.

As always, though, writing is so tailored to a specific person, so what helps us might not help you. But I hope that at least is handy, or you find it somewhat useful!

Thank you for asking that!
Thanks again, this advice is really really great and useful! It's also nice to see how your thought process goes and how you carry on with the writing.

I'm still a little...apprehensive towards writing fanfic nowadays (hoo boy did I write badfic back when I was a tween *shakes head* ) but I do write a lot of original stories.

I do see that I have to hone my Google searching skills, I don't wanna pull a failsearch like Bella/Meyer. :/



June 23 2011, 06:37:25 UTC 6 years ago

Am I the only one who cant get past the adult content notice lately?
It´s not because I´m in germany, is it?
its driving me CRAZY!


December 16 2011, 03:36:48 UTC 5 years ago

Hi! i just kind of stumbled onto this site and although everything i'm reading is hilarious, i'm a little bit confused as to what's going on and where i should start reading. Do you think u could help me out? For instance what is "sporking" (in the non-sexual way, haha)?

Really appreciate it!
I've heard/read of it, but I haven't actually seen any link to it here. Does it exist yet?
Have you heard of The Hunger Games? I was just wondering because it's the new sensation among teens and I'd really like to hear your thoughts about it.


June 6 2012, 18:05:17 UTC 5 years ago

Hi... I've been lurking for a long while now *blushes*. I'm a huge fan of all your sporkings, especially the Ariana Black series. That was beyond hilarious!
I'm sure you get this all the time, but are you going to finish the remaining chapters of Airhead Year 7?
(Please do. *puppy dog eyes*)
Heh. Yes, I do get that a lot. And yes, we do plan on finishing it. It's just a matter of finding time to do it. Hyde and I are about to move in together, so that'll be more conducive to use getting it done.

Thank you for your lovely compliments!
I love The Wedding Crashers.....I'm pretty sure that fic is the reason I started watching Supernatural.


November 18 2014, 18:31:41 UTC 2 years ago

hello :) it was a couple of years since I read your twilight sporks and I loved it. So much so that I've been recommending your site to every twilight lover friends I have. When I read twilight I was 15. Need I say more? :D Suffice it to say your perspective opened my eyes for the first time and they now remain open and wary of all the crappy books out there. so I kinda owe you a thanks :) I also read all your attempts at "what could have been" and such and I gotta say you write in a way I've never read before. And trust me when I say I've read too many fanfics out there. Yours are hands down THE BEST bar none. I don't want to be rude or impatient but are you going to complete the twilight revamp? I think its named the bluest hour. I'm sorry for not properly remembering the name but you wrote it so uniquely that I cant seem to let go or get it out of my head. You made me cry. And I'm am absolutely no crier. Can you please finish it? I'd be absolutely heartbroken if you don't. :'(
Are you going to continue with The Blue Hour?
I love your work since I discovered it. Keep on! ;-)
I actually have no idea where to ask you this, but here it is. I am a huge fan ever since I started reading your stuff a few weeks ago but I haven't seen anything from you in the last few months. Are you still making stuff? If you are, is there a way to show support (like Patreon or something). Because the stuff you make is amazing and you deserve something for it If you manage to get this and decide to answer me, my email is
Are you still going to write blue hour, because your work is amazing.
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