Madame Mervin, Hammer of Sues (das_mervin) wrote,
Madame Mervin, Hammer of Sues

Actual conversation that took place at work today:

CUSTOMER: Excuse me, can I ask you a question?

ME: Certainly! What can I help you with?

CUSTOMER: I have a six-foot Christmas tree, and I was wondering if you thought this would be enough to decorate it. *gestures to fewer than thirty small, classic Christmas balls*

ME: For six feet? I really don't think so.

CUSTOMER: Do you have other ornaments?

ME: Oh, absolutely! These are just the ones we store in our dollar spot. We have a bigger variety back in seasonal. Of course, if you want to stay cheaper, you could just pick up more of the ones you've selected.

CUSTOMER: Hmm--do you think I have enough balls?

ME: *without even the slightest hesitation or crack in my exterior* Yes, I think so. Mixing in plain with other shapes is usually a nice display.

CUSTOMER: Good. *suddenly realizes what he asked me and blushes and squirms a little* You...know what I meant.

ME: *mildly* I didn't say anything.

CUSTOMER: And I thank you for that.
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