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Very, very sad.

I was just minding my own business when, all of the sudden, for absolutely no reason, I started singing MST3K's "Let's Have a Patrick Swayze Christmas". I sang the entire song, rocking to the beat, having a hankering to google that vid up and watch it.

This is no exaggeration. Two seconds later, I hear from the TV that Patrick Swayze has passed away.

Patrick Swayze is kind of like Michael Jackson for me--he's just...infinite. It is surreal to think of him as dead, and so young, too. And while pretty much everybody (read: girls) are talking about Dirty Dancing and Ghost, I hope some of my flist will join me in saluting his best movie: Roadhouse. Everybody knows that is the only movie ever to be so bad that it swings right around and isn't just good--no, it roundhouse kicks past good and straight into AWESOME. All while wearing no shirt, of course, and sporting that mullet pompadour--or, as Mike said, a "mulladour".

I'm gonna miss him. In honor of the man who made so many very immortal and legendary roles, I offer this loving tribute.

It's your way or the highway, man. And it always will be.
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